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The Power of Sound - Destruction or Creation

Sound as Power

Sound is the most powerful force in the universe. It is the power that creates and the power that destroys. It is the stuff which creation is made of. Everything in creation has cells and atoms and vibrates at a certain frequency, even those that are considered dead, non-living or inert matter like stones or clay. Every cell and atom in life has frequency and thus vibrates. Even colour vibrates, everything has colour or rays. Everything emits "sound" whether our human sense can perceive it or not. And that just what we can hear or see.

Beyond Our Normal Human Senses

Infrasound consists of very low frequency sound, beyond the range of hearing of humans.

Ultrasound consists of very high frequencies, again beyond the human range of hearing.

There are some people who can feel vibration emanating from objects like crystals and gems. There are those who can feel colours with their hands by discerning the different vibrations that each ray emits.

Dogs can hear a high frequency pitch which we can't hear; the bat or the dolphin use echo location to help them navigate its way. The elephant, whale, rhinoceros and hippopotamus, use infrasound to communicate with each other.

Sounds Amazing

The awesome power of sound is a two edged sword. It has constructive as well as destructive capabilities. There are high frequency sounds that can shatter matter. One common example is the high C of soprano can shatter glass. We've seen how high sirens sounds have been used to disperse rowdy crowds. Sonic gadgets are used to repel pests and bugs.

Very low frequency sound waves are used in seismographs to detect and monitor earthquakes.There are researches and applications that go into more pro-active uses beyond simple detection. There are frequencies that you may not hear both in the high and low spectrum that could make you sick or dizzy, or bring down buildings, possibly even can create earthquakes. There are reports of infrasound used as a weapon to disorientate the enemy. We also read of how the power of sound and vibration has been employed in emergency circumstances, by defence and law enforcement agencies. Sound has been used as a weapon of attack as well as defence.

Science fiction in its usual audacity in depicting what has long been thought of as possible and probable in the human imagination, show the use of sonic shield or defence forcefield, death rays to shatter the enemy's weaponry and battle stations. The universal popularity of movies like "Star Wars", "Battle Galactica" and the like appeal to this unspoken sense that all these, of course, are possible.

Sounds Good

Healing Power

No where has the beneficial use of sound been more actively pursued and applied than in the exciting world of sound medicine - a traditional science extensively used in ancient China which is now being used in breakthrough cutting edge medicine of the 21st century. The ancient Chinese say that all diseases are caused by wrong note or vibration in the body and mind and can be treated by sound. Now scientists are finding many more advanced applications of sound in medicine.

In Medicine

Sound waves can assess potentially dangerous atherosclerotic plaques, monitor chronic liver disease, and help deliver drugs to particular locations within the body. Ultrasound devices can image tumours deep inside the body, and acoustical energy. It can be focused upon those tumours as a way of treating cancer. Today, we know how doctors can now pulverise kidney stone by using sound technology.

Sound or Vibrational Medicine - Mind Body Spirit Connection

Advanced research and practical application of certain sounds to transform the emotional and psychological states of a person, as well as improving the brain and one's learning abilities constantly hit the scientific news. There is a blending with other disciplines such as psychology and neuroscience to help improve communication for people with speech disorders and hearing.

Dr Tomatis, a French Ear, Nose and Throat specialist, made some astonishing discoveries which led to the development of the Tomatis Method. His method uses "auditory training," "auditory stimulation," and "listening therapy." This has resulted in improved learning and language abilities, communication, creativity, and social behavior. This has helped thousands of children with auditory processing problems, dyslexia, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, autism, and those with sensory integration and motor-skills difficulties. It has helped adults overcome depression, learn foreign languages faster, develop better communication skills, and improve creativity and on-the-job performance.

Many musicians, singers, and actors have been able to fine-tune their skills by using the Tomatis Method through overcoming stage fright and gaining increased confidence. Many clients report psychological gains: improved self-confidence, higher levels of energy and motivation, greater clarify of mind, and a sense of well-being.

Music Therapy and The Mozart Effect

There is no question that certain types of music can help with learning. Music stimulates different regions of the brain responsible for memory, motor control, timing and language. For the first time, researchers also have located specific areas of mental activity linked to emotional responses to music. Researcher in neuroscience show that different parts of the brain can be activated depending on what music you listen to, stimulating underactive parts of the brain and bringing the client to a healthier emotional state. Over time, music can actually retrain the brain and overcome certain disorders. Some neurobiologist like, Harvard University Medical School neurobiologist, Mark Jude Tramo, says that "Undeniably, there is a biology of music. There is no question that there is specialization within the human brain for the processing of music. Music is biologically part of human life, just as music is aesthetically part of human life."

Cymatic Therapy

Dr Hans Jenny, a Swiss medical doctor and a pioneer in this field Cymatics, explored the study of wave phenomena and vibration. It is a scientific methodology that demonstrates the vibratory nature of matter and the transformational nature of sound. In the 1960's he experimented with the use of sound to "bring matter to life" by passing through some matter, usually sand, a vibration of a certain frequency and showed how when doing so the sand morphed into a certain pattern, shape and intricate design. Specific frequencies or sounds created those specific designs.

Cymatic therapy is based on the assumption that human cells, organs, and tissues have each a natural resonant frequency which changes when perturbed by illness. Cymatic therapists apply different audible frequencies and combinations of sound waves which they claim entrain malfunctioning components back to their healthy vibratory state and promote natural healing.

SO! Sound Creates Matter! What Does This All Mean?

To an ordinary person who may be neither a doctor or scientist or politician, how does this knowledge benefit them? Well, for one thing, having this understanding about sound - that it brings matter to life! - should engenders in them a profound respect for this the awesome power. It is almost akin to how early man must have felt after discovering fire, or modern man discovering nuclear fission. It is a two-edged sword and capable of creation or destruction.

Beyond that, they should feel empowered.

We all live in a bubble of sound, a universe of vibrating frequencies. Imagine how we are being impacted by the world around us. Lest we fall into the victim mentality, we must remember that we are ourselves a vibrating universe, and by that very fact, we too are a creative nucleus of power. We are like powerful sending stations - sending and effective frequencies and vibrations to the world.

More than that, we are co-creators of our world, literally with the power to shape and reshape our worlds for positive good, individually and beyond.

Firstly, we have to be the change that we seek. Could this is part of what it means to become the Word incarnate?

By raising our vibration, our consciousness, our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, attitudes, words, intentions, actions and hearts - by changing our state of being to higher vibrating frequencies of love, joy, freedom, abundance, compassion, courage, hope and peace, we surely can and do, as science has demonstrated, send off powerful frequencies that do quantumly effect change in our world. Doing so, we can, as spiritual scientists, help to positively transform not only ourselves but the world in which we live.

Josephine Rulewski writes and lectures on various topics from eastern and western spiritual traditions. She is a multi-passioned individual and believes in practical spirituality, in the interconnectedness of spirit and matter; in the creative life of the spirit infusing matter and that spirituality is not an isolated practice separated from the material but that it manifests in creativity, prosperity, joy, soul evolution and freedom for the individual person and the community.

Josephine welcomes you to connect with her and share comments on your own spiritual and personal journey in the comments box.

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